Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The White-Road ( White-Trail )

The White-Road - Hope and Loss

Once it was a simple road just as any other. A means to an end, for people to use and not appreciate. We all know the purpose of a road and of how they aren't a particularly special thing, but in the times after the Reshaping, roads became innately valuable and strategic locations.

In this new wasteland it is said that a settlement can only survive based upon the roads that encircle it. Roads mean survival in the new world, they a means for trade, supplies and infrastructure. They are also a means for the less desirables of society to prey on, mostly for the same reasons.

All over the Central London Wastes it is said that there is no road more important than The White-Trail (also known as the White-road). You see, it was a valuable and popular Caravan trade route, even despite its recent troubles. It is the most accessible Road into the Central London Wastes and cannot afford to be abandoned.

The name comes from early settlers to the Central London Wastes (it also coincidentally it runs though Whitechapel). They say that this road was the first and biggest source of travellers as well as income though trade. The name was honorary, a harken back to an old legend, a time of progress and rebuilding, however as of late the White-Road has been plagued with woe.

It used to be a symbol of hope and prosperity but now most travellers assume it to be cursed or worse. Caravans have been going missed on a more frequent basis and those survivors that are found are maddened by the horrors they have endured, unable to give concise accounts of what happened.

Many have taken the contracts to figure out the mystery and most account it to increased raider activity in the Whitechapel area. Time will tell if anyone will be crack the case but either way, life must go on, Caravans are the life blood of the Wastes and must continue their dangerous journeys.

The most recent news to come out of the White-Road situation is of a man. None know who he truly is or what motivates him, but one thing is for certain, he is willing pay well for the truth of the cursed road......

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