Sunday, 6 December 2015

''The Shadow'' (Player Character)

Jack ''The Shadow'' Jones


Faction: Wanderer
The story of the ''The Shadow'' has become an urban legend told in all settlement over the Central London Wastes. It tells of a ghost whom single handedly dispatches whole raider parties. It can only be glimpsed on the darkest of nights and announces its presence only though a chilling silence. Almost none know the truth of the myth, that the shadow is really but a man, a merc in fact and a damn good one at that...

Jacks fame is something that simply amuses him, a distraction for those who will inaction. No job is or ever has been too big for him, not since the ''old man''....

Jacks story began with tragedy. Born a slave to raiders, his birth name was actually Runt. On the eve of his ninth birthday, the camp was attacked. It was chaos, the noise was deafening, to this day he still rememberer the screams of terror from his dying ''masters''. When total silence had fallen, Runt set out to find the attackers.

The Trail led to a single Man. Runt had seen his type before, a Drifter. For the hungry and tired boy it seemed like a golden opportunity. After waiting for the man settle into a deep sleep, he struck. Swiftly and silently he charged for the man's open pack, he was quick, but not quick enough.

The next thing Runt remembered was being propped up opposite the man. He proceeded to explain that he had been aware of the boy the entire time and was impressed. From this point on the two became inseparable, mentor and student. Runt shed his only name and simply became Jack.

The two spent many years together and soon the student came to outshine the ageing master. The ''Old Man'', as he was affectionately known, had lived his whole life fighting and Jack was coming to the realisation that he may not be around for much longer. Every day his old wounds were causing him more and more intense pains and in the end they both came to a grave decision.

The Old Man was dying, and he wanted a quick and clean death and most importantly he wanted Jack to carry on his legacy of wasteland justice in his stead. With his final breath he instructed Jack to head to the Capitol, there he would find his purpose.

And then a single, clean shot... The hardest contract he was ever given.

Jack has struggled to come to terms with this loss and it makes trusting others to be difficult. Since the passing of his mentor he has remained alone and has now become a target for many of the raider gangs situated in the Central London Wastes. Jack may soon come to realise that he will need more than just his gun if he is to fulfil his oath.
Notes: Jack will be definitely a combaty focused hero. He will also be one of the Players whom will have to look out for NPCs with a certain ''Grudge''.

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