Monday, 7 December 2015

Roving ''Rusty'' Rick (Player Character)

 The Merchant and The Gentleman

Faction: Wanderer 

Rick is eccentric and much unlike almost everyone else in the world, has a sense of humour. He used to be a trader, but soon came to realise how unprofitable the raiders make that profession. He is now a wanderer as well as a scholar and an all round gentleman. His humour gives him a natural charm and along with the name, rusty is fairly easy – going. Above all else Rick is obsessed with history, with the time before the storms and the technology that was readily available to them.

While average scavengers search for parts, scraps or ammo, Rick is there to pick up the textbooks and half full batteries. He is an inventor, tinkerer and is well known in the Central London District for his, shall we say ''upgraded'' wares.

His passion was founded long ago, when Rusty was still a young man. He had grown up in the relative safety of an old underground subway station, in a small community of farmers. As long back as he could remember, besides the work he only had a few battered science fiction comics to pass the time. By the age he could fire a gun, he frequent lookout duty and during the the long days, Rick would dream up elaborate stories, fantastical tales of Rick and Hexa, (Hexa being Ricks then imaginary robot friend, don't ask)

As Rick grew he began to take an interest in mechanics and after awhile came to excel at it. One day a trader came into town. He had little in the way of supplies but instead sported a broken and basic robot chassis. Forfeiting his rations for three days, as well as giving the merchant his life savings a deal was stuck and so began the career of the Rusty we know today.

What started as a pet project, quickly became an obsession, he worked day and night to make the robot work. He even went as far to begin scavenging on his own, the patrols were hopeless whenever hed asked for specific parts. After much work and toil the first Mk 1 Hexa, friend and battle-bot was created, tested and given a Rusty seal of approval.

To this day he still has this companion and at every opportunity the hardware is updated. Currently Rusty is running with the fifth generation, codenamed ''Theobald''.

More recently Rusty has turned to mercenary work and takes jobs based on the chances of him finding or receiving old world tech. Some of it will be sold, some tinkered with and forgotten and more so would become improvements for Theobald.

Notes: Rusty will be fun because he will be the sole surface human whom can negate the negatives to technology. Most Surfaces only tend to shy away from it anyway because they feel that survival is more important. Rusty will also be a fairly potent combat element, guns blazing with his trusty sidekick. Im also massively looking forward to their banter and general interaction together. Oh and also Theo cant keep anythign secret so be careful! 

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