Friday, 4 December 2015

Surface Human (Exposed Human)

Surface Humans

Lore: Surface humans have lived though a cold and cruel history. The descendants of those whom managed to beat all odds and survive the Reshaping. As such they are natural born survivalists and will instinctively know more around of their surroundings. They also more informed of places and world events than their space bound counterparts.

They additionally tend to be more perceptive and better physically able than Ark Humans, but are of course not as intelligent, or at least well versed in technology. Their prowess is said to come not only from the years of turmoil and hardship suffered, but also from them constant exposure to the constant Charge Storms.

(Charge storms will be described later on but in basic terms, the energy produced in a charged lightning strike causes small amounts of biological radiation of sorts. Over time it can alter a humans abilities, be it an upgrade to the sharpness of their senses or increasing their reactions.)

Surface Humans can come from anywhere over the globe and tend to be sociable. Out in the wastes its a kill or be killed lifestyle, so most believe it is best to stick together.

Comments: Where as Ark Humans will be a build it how you like, Surface humans will be focused more on combat, survival and charisma skills. They know the world around them and may see others as naive. Surface Humans may tend to be more reserved in their decisions, always thinking about practical outcomes and the consequences of their actions. I think these guys will be pretty fun to role-play, they will be the guys who've got your back, and whom of course will hopefully pass those pesky notice rolls.

 Racial Traits

Surface Human
Trust your Instincts (Edge): +2 to Perception

Moulded by a harsh world: +1 Toughness and start with a D6 in Survival

Survival First: Cannot raise Technology or Computers beyond a D6

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