Saturday, 5 December 2015

The One Collective

The Time of Return has Come

As we know, the One Collective were reborn from Hive in the years after the reshaping began. At first it seemed that all hope was lost. They had committed an unforgivable act and at were unsure to weather the Earth's natural order could ever be restored. What if they never had the opportunity to set foot on solid Earth again? What would happen to their Children? How could humankind possibly survive...?

But of course, they had the power and facilities of The Ark. It was built for this very was built for this very purpose and some decided to take advantage of the situation. The Council of One was formed in a bid to give the Ark purpose again, to give the people a direction and most importantly, to give them Hope. 

Over the century leading into the year 2300, Ark scientists would continued to make and break human history. New medicines were produced, including various chemicals and drugs to enhance or sooth the mind. The Charge core was experimented upon, its energy becoming more powerful as well as being easier to manipulate and store.

The advanced application and science of Robotics increased tenfold. Robot assistants and security drones were just some of the many useful units produced and in their success more came. After robots were shown to be as useful as they were, they started to evolve and were given more human properties. For all of their failure in the past Ark personnel have always treated their synthetic counterparts as equals, they are given their own lives and have even been given permission to install their own ambassador on the council of One.

Military development also became a priority in the event that one day the surface could be hospitable. Fearsome ''Charge'' weapons have been developed and scarier still, some whisper of hulking armoured suits being seen tested below decks. A volunteer army has been created, all theoretical of course as many Ark personnel will not not encounter the dread of battle until they do leave the station. 

After so long, these experiments began to run stale and with them, the stations key supplies and minerals. The station had always been self sufficient and could feasibly run for another few hundred years, but it has not access to mines, old world fuels, chemicals and such.

Now the Collective stand on the brink of what is almost an invasion. Even now there are stories on the waste wind of faint and unfamiliar lights being seen at the old Science museum. They intend to carry on the great legacy Hive started and will let nothing get in the way of progress....

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