Friday, 4 December 2015

The Significance of Factions in Aftershock

Factions: An Overview

Obviously why a DM needs your race needs no explanation, it is part of who you are. Im creating specific factions to a add an optional bit of flavour to the world. Not only will it be relevant to know the motives of said factions, that you WILL encounter out on missions, but will also add
PCs another way to develop their own personal story.

You do not have to start with a current faction, in this case your faction will be noted as ''Wanderer'' and if so you could play the entire campaign without one. But factions will give you benefits. If you are accompanied by NPC companions of your faction then you will need to remember that factions codes and morals or else you may be kicked form their ranks.

You can also meet new factions and the more missions you complete for them, the more they will like you, they may give you access to special skills or unique gear. I will also mention this briefly now, but your group at some point will establish a Settlement somewhere in London. Settlements are a whole other topic but you will be able to recruit certain NPCs to join your settlement, (again if they like you enough!).

Again for the time being I am only going to focus on a few, but more may be added (and lost) as the campaign continues.

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