Thursday, 3 December 2015

Before the Storms, Part II

The Beginning of the End

For a century the Hive Collective worked for the betterment of mankind, countless inventions and objects were produced to give people better life quality. They fixed food shortages, removed the need for armed police officers on streets and in 2169 station 41K, or as many already knew it, the Ark was nearing the end of its completion.

Ever since its conception the organisation became a bright star of hope for the future of humanity. However they had also always been cautious. The collective did have a single base of operations, but instead worked from specially designed mobile submarine laboratories. They were always to remain anonymous and unbiased in political affairs, to build a better world, a better future. What they had achieved over the few centuries they had been around, was to establish an empire, a legacy.

And of course with many great empires it would all come crashing down upon a whisper...

In the years that followed the Hive collective became shrouded in rumour and as this suspicion grew, so did the Collective regress from the spotlight of the worlds media. People were told they had been working for the betterment of humankind and had supposedly long ago abandoned the notion of military pursuits. However in 2186 due to a confusion with a so-called whistle-blower, it emerged that experimental Military grade tech had been unearthed within secret laboratories.

It caused outrage. It caused panic. It caused mass-hysteria on a global scale.

The idea of a military force was alien to much of the population, these people had lived in a world almost entirely free of weapons and of violence. Even governments panicked and overnight many countries took extreme measures in an attempt to protect themselves from whatever horrors they may face. Almost overnight conscription became mandatory, and military bases were haphazardly cobbled together in areas of low population.

Emergency summits were taken into the UN and as the situation escalated, the collective seemingly vanished without all trace. In the darkest hour of human history, a hooded man would stand. He would proclaim the Hive to be turncoats and traitors, that they were going to turn their back on humanity, that they would destroy what they were supposed to preserve.

In this moment, came the birth of the Militaricus....

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