Sunday, 6 December 2015

Revisting Races So Far! (Rules)

The Racial Trait Experiment

As I have not posted them prior, I will paste the Racial traits of the Races so far, this will give my player the option to change before I finalise Characters!

Ark Human
Intense Training: Gain +2 In a skill of your choosing
I Come From Science!: Starts with a D6 In Technology
Inventor, Not a Fighter: Cannot Raise Melee Above a D6

Surface Human
Trust your Instincts (Edge): +2 to Perception
Moulded by a harsh world: +1 Toughness and start with a D6 in Survival
Survival First: Cannot raise Technology or Computers beyond a D6

Bright One
Reshaped: Start with Bright Ability
Overcharged: + 5 Power Points
Deadly but Fragile: -1 Toughness
Weak Eyes: Must Wear Eye-wear or else suffers -2 to all actions that require sight

Scaly Skin: +2 Armour and +2 Toughness
Experiment: -2 Charisma
Ferocious: -1 Parry

Savage Worlds is such an easy system to create and re purpose rules, quickly, easily and is a heck of a load of fun at the same time! But these are were the current Races are at as is stands, more will come in time but to begin. I want to start with only a few key archetypes, then develop more as the story progresses!

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