Sunday, 6 December 2015

Raider Gangs of Central London

Richard and the Roaches

Ever since the fall of civilisation, raiders have plagued the wasteland. In a weird kind of way they have become a staple part of the new world. Operating in tribes, or gangs their collective aims are usually to scavenge and pillage, while generally being an all out nuisance for any developing settlement or rival faction. Raiders tend to be highly territorial too and will usually operate from bases, or small cut-throat settlements.

It is important to note that each gang have their own ideals, cultures and hierarchies. There are currently two big and important raider gangs operating in the central London area: 

''Richards Rippers,'' or ''The Rippers''

Led by an egotistical, homicidal maniac, the Rippers coincidentally are based in Whitechapel. They are intensely territorial and often attack Caravans. Subtly has never been the strong suit of the Rippers, whom prefer a run into a fight head first and thrashing. One of the sure-fire ways you can determine whether there are Rippers near is to listen out for the sounds of clinking chains or the dreaded rev of a chainsaw.

On top of their love for fighting and overall general ability to cause carnage, the rippers are actually unexpectedly potent alchemists. They have produced many different combat enhancing stimulants which they frequently use (and in some cases sell). On top of their preference to melee combat, Rippers are brutal and dangerous opponents, they should not be underestimated.

The Rippers are not entire unreasonable with though and they have been known to take on mercenary jobs before. In the past they have had communication from those based at Trade Town Bridge, but the connection has been recently severed due to the ruthlessness of the gangs methods...

The Rippers do not take kindly to the thing they see as betrayal and as a result more and more caravans are being hit on a more regular basis.

The Roaches

Mortal enemies to the Ripper gang are the Roaches. Not much is known about these curious individuals, save for their very specific appearance. All Roaches adhere to a strict uniform code, a dirty grey suit, tatter white shirts with black ties. The finishing touch is the characteristic and sinister black Gas Mask.

What is known is that Roaches always refer to themselves with initials only, save for their four leaders. These mysterious figures have demonstrated tactical brilliance, even overpowering the defences of the UER on a number of occasions. It is important to note that fighting is considered an artform to the Roaches and without the right showmanship, a fight is little more than a waste of time.

It is said that the origin of the Roaches is based around a Cult dedicated to a long ancient organisation. This organisation was beloved by the world over and though the power of their action and skill of art they bought joy to all. They would perform in huge stadiums and were so evenly matched that all four would survive the trails thrown at them. 

All that remains of the organisation are loose names. These are used as code-name's to denote a Roach Leader and when a leader is lost a replacement must always be found. The names remain: J, R, P and G...

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