Thursday, 3 December 2015

Before the Storm, Part III

The Ark's Purpose

The Militaricus were a group of supposed ex-Hive staff whom had ''aided'' the unknown whistle-blower and had defected. In the years after, their influence as advisor's would grant them a reasonable degree of power in the UN. They would then go on to take the place of Hive and would actively started developing all manner of military grade hardware for countries all over the world. They would even go as far as to revive Nuclear research, reactivating many nuclear initiatives.

They have never forgotten Hive and at every moment sought to declare war on their old brothers. But no trace could ever be found...

The truth of the matter was, Hive could not be found because they were not on earth.

The Ark had proven a monumental success and had already been launched and with it almost all the remnants of Hive with it. Using exceptional stealth technology, no one would ever know it was right above them....

It was partially the truth, the Ark was built as a colony and research ship. But what was that for? After many long years, Hive had finally discovered create raw electrical energy literally from scratch. It was how the station could fly, how it could sustain itself. They called it Charge Technology. In honest truth, Hive saw the Ark as humanities second chance, the chance to start fresh. There was one problem however.

The Surface.

It was with a heavy heart that in 2199, the Hive council would convene to decide the fate of humanity. They could not leave hysteria to develop further into nuclear war, their initiative was based on one day, re-settling the earth, no.

The only option, It must be cleansed...

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