Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Dividing River

The State of the Thames

The Divide River or more simply known as, Divide River was formally the Thames. With the reshaping and shortly the re-emergence of the human race it has been a vital source of both power and obviously, water.

The Divide is a double edged sword however and it does not simply just provide. Those first few to emerge soon realised that to drink from the water of the River could result in illness or insanity. Some would even change completely, turning rabid and going on to attack their comrades. It was clear that there was a problem with the water, but it would not many years till the problem would be solved.


By 2305 it has been well established that the waters are thoroughly contaminated with Charged Radiation, hence why it alters the flesh and minds of those whom ingest it. Funnily enough, this radiation is the only pollutant present, with much of the old world pollution being vaporised or otherwise removed during the Reshaping. Getting rid of the harmful compounds in the water now has a trivial fix, it can simply be boiled and re-cooled. Certain traders have taken up to solely purifying and further monetising the water, a fairly lucrative business these days....

With the rebuilding of settlements and new civilisation, the Divide river is also used to power many of the buildings and defences that occupy its banks. It is a common place to see and hear impossible looking turbines furiously working day and night to supply settlements with the precious power. These sites tend to have heightened security, some even forming miniature trade posts of their own to try and ward of raiders and other undesirables.

In the Aftershock world water is a necessity just as it is in our world, but it also comes with Danger, you do not want to be drinking water that you do not know is purified!

The third and final role of the River is obvious, it divides the North and the South parts of the Central London Wastes. It is the only thing that stops attacks en mass from the raider clans of the South, to the built up settlements in the North.

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