Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Storm Arrives

Zero Hour

The key, the cleansing flame would be the Ark's charge reactor. If correctly aligned, it was hypothesized to destabilise the natural atmosphere of the earth for moments. In those moments, everything and everyone would be vaporised, leaving the world clean, rather than just a wasteland.

There would be a catch however, the energy would have to slowly recharge after the event and many core systems would be offline for some time. So all personal were put into suspended animation, to preserve their lives, ready to wake when it was safe for the station to sustain them.

And so preparation was made, Hive staff calmly readied for genocide. 90% went into stasis, and those remaining waited for the order.

The reactor discharged flawlessly. From the middle point of the station, huge green arcs of lightning rode the width of the craft until reaching the bottom tip, facing the earth. Then came the lights.

Silent, but beautiful, dancing across the surface faster than your eye can blink. It lasted two minutes, then another five, then another 10. Those minutes went on to become hours, hours days and days years.

It was unbelievable, a miscalculation. 

For just over twenty years the storms would rage until 2219 in which many of the clouds slowly parted....

Regardless of the fact, only the most important members of the colony were awoken and over the next several decades the colonists would simply continue the scientific pursuits already started on earth. They forgot the name Hive, and simply became ''One''. They would also vow to repair the civilisation they lost...

One day, when the time was right, they will descend and mend their broken world...

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