Friday, 4 December 2015

Bright Ones

Bright Children, Born of the Storm

Lore: Known by many names, The Bright Ones, Bright Children and The Stormborn, just to name a few. Bright Ones are truly exceptional people and are an example of the potential that the human body, mind and spirit could one day blossom into. But I am getting ahead of myself...

Bright Ones are Humans who though some miracle survived being struck directly by charged storm lightning. Usually this would outright vaporise the individual, but for whatever reason the person is left in a smoking crater. After being struck, the person essentially falls into a deep sleep, with the body on exerting energy to fuel the most basic,necessary bodily functions. In this time the Bright One is vulnerable but over the course of several hour the body changes, they become stronger, Their skin hardens, they also become smarter and deep within their brain a dormant power is unlocks.

Upon awakening, the Bright One must take time to adjust to their new psychology. They now faintly glow and every so often sparks of lightning course across their exposed skin. As a result Bright Ones are covered from neck to toe in arcing lightning burns, it goes to make their appearance, totally unmistakeable.

But what truly makes the Bright ones special is their power. Bright Ones have the ability, to channel and create lightning, however to control it fully they must master their own emotions. Newly born's will be confused and are more likely to make rash decisions, be boastful and arrogant and think they are unbeatable. Where as the older Bright Masters tend to be wise, never making a decision without thought. When a Bright One reaches

Bright Ones can utilise powerful abilities and their skin is able to resist some of the climate and radiation damage unlike other races but still do have drawbacks. For instance, Bright Ones are actually extremely sensitive to light, some are even partially blind, so it is also characteristic to see them in goggles or helmets. They are also Not as hardy as some of the other races and may not hold up as well as a tank. Finally due to having to constantly battle with their emotions Bright Ones can be indecisive and in many cases struggle to find any in the wasteland that are willing to help and/or trust them.
Comments: Ah, my favourite, since I had the idea for Aftershock, these guys were one of my first creations. I love psykers and psionics but just didn't fell like it really fit my world, of course Bright Ones were a natural evolution. In terms of game mechanics I imagine a Bright One to play like a glass cannon mage, but I do have ideas in the event that people want to build a close combat character too. Either way im looking forward to see what player think and where they may take their characters.
Racial Traits

Bright One
Reshaped: Start with Bright Ability

Overcharged: + 5 Power Points

Deadly but Fragile: -1 Toughness

Weak Eyes: Must Wear Eye-wear or else suffers -2 to all actions that require sight

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