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Ark Human (Pure Human)

Ark Human (Pure Human)

Lore: Ark Humans, as the name suggests, were either born on the Ark or were put into cryogenic stasis just before the Great Storm. They are the closet physiologically to modern day humans than any other race in Aftershock. These Humans will be naturally inquisitive and intelligent, but may not be at strong or as agile as their surface dweller counterparts. Ark Humans will always have lived their early lives (or first few unfrozen years) on the Ark, however this does not mean that they HAVE to take the Ark as their Current Major faction. (I will talk about Factions later so don't worry about this part for now)

By whatever divine purpose they have found their way to the surface and tend to treat the world around them as a puzzle, or an experiment. They see it as something that can be fixed and are usually very hopeful. Their downfall however it that they can struggle with setting themselves limits and more often than not can overstep social and moral boundaries to achieve their goals.

Comments: Ark humans will most likely be your bog standard Savage World humans. It makes the most sense due to their background and the starting perks that Savage Worlds humans receive also make sense. People on the Ark can be trained to do all manner of different skills. I see this race as being very versatile and a staple choice for any would be wanderer. 

 Racial Traits

Ark Human
Intense Training: Gain +2 In a skill of your choosing

I Come From Science!: Starts with a D6 In Technology

Inventor, Not a Fighter: Cannot Raise Melee Above a D6

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