Thursday, 3 December 2015

Before the Storms Part I

Peace in our Time

So lets start with some history eh?

From the offset of the 20th century, the scientific developments of human kind began to sky-rocket. Science was evolving more rapidly that it ever had before, shaken by various terrible world events. By the time of the first World War, humanity was arrogant and misguided leaders would send boys to fight and die for sparse yards of farmland, in far-off fields. Then came the atrocities of the Second World War, the holocaust and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. The world was then soon griped by the fear of the cold war, titanic forces that could end the world with a simple flick of the wrist.

During the opening days of the reformation of the League of Nations into the United Nations, a group of unaffiliated scientists would propose a plan. They would see the end of armed conflicts and in place form an initiative that would take the very best minds throughout the world, to work on projects to better the lives of their fellow men. This new organisation would come to be known as the Hive Collective.

And just like that, in 1951 the cold war was abruptly ended. Both the States and The USSR decided to stand down and demilitarise. All science and intelligence became one almost overnight and for the next 100 years or so humanity entered a golden age of peace and prosperity. Science once again sky- rocketed, greater advancements in medicine, cultivation and the prototypes of primitive domesticated robots were just some of the marvels coming out of the big corporate businesses.

In 2060 ambassadors of the Hive Collective propose the Ark initiative. A huge, self sustainable, colony and research station. It would be mankind's first full step into the stars and would lead us into a new age.

Life was blissful and the petty wars of the past were almost forgotten...

Thats, almost...

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