Friday, 4 December 2015

The Altered

The Altered, Experiments of a Bygone age.

Lore: In the many years after the disappearance of Hive and the ascendency of the Militaricus as humanities new research initiative, many new plans were made to genetically improve the human genome. Fear griped the entire world and prototypes would not be enough to eradicate the Hive threat once it was found. Along with new weapon tech, Militaricus would begin to experiment with biological manipulation as well as biological engineering.

Their efforts were met with limited success. That success being the Altered.

Initially the project started by trying to genetically modify a grown human male, to make him stronger, faster, smarter, essentially to create a super-solider. After a year of failed experiments, the project was started from scratch. This time, a embryo would be injected with cells taken from various animals. It worked and after several years experiment Ge0 was born, the first of the Altered. It took the subject many more years to develop naturally and as it did so it was tested for intelligence. At an early age it was deadly, almost reptilian in nature, cold and it spent much of its time brooding. But eventually it was deemed intelligent enough to learn and develop human language.

It wasn't pretty, but even at an early age it was a ferocious and effective combat unit. As they say, you cant argue with results...

Then began phase two of the project. Ge0 would be cloned, be made to heel to Militaricus' command and they would then have an army of battle-ready, obedient killing machines. Countless clones were created, all put into stasis for when the time came to be unleashed upon Hive, but as we know, history took a separate path...

With the Reshaping came the disbanding of the Militaricus, their assets were left to rot in secret laboratories. In a seemingly dumbfounding series of coincidences, the largest storms of the Reshaping would focus above those just those same laboratories and after an entire month of strikes the lightning would tear open the earth, revealing the experiments and in doing so, freeing them. To this day they still remain an oddity in the wasteland, to some a curiosity, to others, a great threat.

Able to live hundreds of years, the Altered are a very strange and diverse race, they all vary in intelligence. This means that it is possible that a players character has lived though the reshaping, or just after. Altered can be anything form average intelligence, to pretty much brick stupid but they are always a fearsome vanguard to any fight. They tend to prefer close combat and are agitated by any charged storms they are present in. It is good to note that feral Altered are one of the many monster races that can be encountered. Altered do not have much in the way of culture, but will try to avoid fighting one of their own if it can be avoided.

Comments: So, with altered these guys are your big smashy tanks and soakers. To be honest these guys started as generic, make you own mutants, but Im reasonable happy with them as a concept. It will be interesting to see an Altered PC interact with other character and on top of that I already have some juicy secrets lined up for anyone whom steps up the the challenge...

Racial Traits

Scaly Skin: +2 Armour and +2 Toughness

Experiment: -2 Charisma

Ferocious: -1 Parry

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