Sunday, 6 December 2015

''The Devil Dog'' (Player Character)

Max Jenson ''The Devil Dog''

Faction: Wanderer

Max Jenson is no stranger to the brutal ways of the wastes. He spent many years searching for a place to fit in, to find somewhere he could excel. One day he happened across a Roach raid in progress and would go on to finally prove himself. The Roaches welcomed him with open arms and for almost a year he would ran with them.

It was destined not to last and on one fateful operation deep into UER territory his mission went bad. His crew would abandon him, leaving him to be tortured and tormented by UER militia for many days. By the third day the man had given up, he just wanted it to be over, no longer could he take the injustice that the wasteland offered.

At his lowest and darkest point, the young ex-raider was unaware of fate had in store for him. As the contingent were travelling to an unknown strong point, they were ambushed by a pack of feral dogs. Mercilessly they were systematically put down by the soldiers.

Max related to the animals, just following orders, destined to live and die by the order of someone higher. Just like him. He decided he could tolerate it no more.

Like a man possessed he broke free of his bonds, his captors still reeling in shock as he tore them apart. When the dust had settled Max stood alone, teeth gritted and motionless. It was the whimpering of an animal that bought his mind back to reality. One of the dogs was still barely alive. Max spent several days tending to the dogs wounds, giving it the pet name Dex, the name of an old friend...

When Dex had finally recovered, he clung to the ex-raider like glue. To this day Max still smiles at thought of them, the dogs whom lost their pack. Nowadays you can find the two of the wandering Central London Wastes in as Mercs, guns for hire unsure as to where they will find their next adventure. One thing is for sure though, They will always have each others back....

Notes: Max will start with an animal companion and will be very good in the survival skill. He will probably get good ability to stealth and track prey but I imagine maybe is not the cleanliest individual....

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