Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Chapel Trail Outpost, Or unofficially the Fortune Gate

Your First Step into New London

To the far west of the Central London Wastes, at the furtherest edge of the White-Road lies a small trading settlement known as the Chapel Trail Outpost.

More recently travellers have taken to referring to the small series of building as the Fortune Gate. The name has thoroughly disappointed many, whom assume it to refer to a mighty stronghold, or some kind of bastion of security. The reality of the town is, two small trading posts and a fairly large; re-purposed Hotel.

The shabby Hotel is also famed for its converted lounge, turned tavern and is the first place an aspiring Merc should head for work. The beauty of the Fortune Gate is its work ethic. Generally it will pay shelter and warm food for work, no matter who you are, or what you do.

The settlement itself is usually too small to be seen as a target, but big enough to defend itself from attack. It also tends to make its own protection, being the first stop for all new travellers in the area, form merchant to ruthless bounty hunter, has its perks.

The name, Fortune Gate, is relevant however when looked at in the right way, it refers to the fact that this town, however small, is the first point to where trade Caravans enter the Central London Wastes (well at least from the West). It is also the last open settlement in the CLW before you hit the Tower, in many cases making it a must stop to re-supply.

More recently the town has been recruiting a countless supply of new Caravan guards, as their old ones just so happen to go missing on the White-Road. Trade between the Tower and the Fortune Gate must continue, if the Caravans stopped the results would be catastrophic not only for those said settlements, but potentially all of the settlements this side of the Divide River.....

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