Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dimitri 'The Nighthawk' Bersolino (Player Character)

A Maniac, Out of Time

 Faction: Wanderer

Few have as colourful a history as the one and only Dimitri Bersolino. His earliest memories are of a natural world, in a time now long forgotten. He was born during the time of re-armament, where the world was in turmoil over the threat of Hive.

Dimitri's early life was hard, as the son of a notorious criminal, his family would constantly be moving from place to place. As he grew, the lifestyle also became more and more intense. He began to get involved in his fathers craft, learning many new, socially unacceptable ''skills''. These ''lessons'' as his father would say; would go on to twist Dimitri, he became masochistic, anti-social and some would say downright evil. By the time Dimitri was a young man he was already a seasoned combatant and had splintered from his fathers mob into the black market weapons trade.

For years he made a killing (quite literally) and became a force to reckoned with. There was no order Dimitri couldn't fill, no job too dirty, no evil that could be left uncommitted...

Of course, in the eyes of his fellow Bosses; a budding weed must be cut and so Dimitri became the number one enemy, not only of the state, but also the underworld. His property and assets were seized, but Dimitri would always slip away at the last second. Eventually he found out about how his own father had betrayed him, exposing his safe-houses and key accomplices.

He would take it upon himself to get revenge, even if was the last thing he would do. He went on to fake his own death, eliminating himself as a threat as well as creating a one way ticket back to his dear father. He knew the man would need clarification, he knew that he would need to see the body, have that closure and so... it was arranged. In a coffin black as the night he was escorted to the family property. He was taken to his father and the casket was removed. Without a second thought, or a flinch, he sprang into action, bare fisted and hungry for blood.

The boy beat his father into unconsciousness, but knew that it would not be enough. Dimitri had always been sadistic, but he utterly relished the horror of his actions. He would toy with his broken father and mentor for hours, the true extent of his damaged mind being shown for the first time. Taking up the family heirloom, the ''Nighthawk'' (an exquisitely fashioned tomahawk) He would swiftly bury it inside the old man's brain.

To this day that kill still haunts him, it was unfulfilled, it has not satisfied his vengeance like the voices in his head had promised. In his confusion he stumbled outside, collapsing on the lawn, the last thing he remembers is the gentle drops of rain on his face...

The next time Dimitri awoke it was in a different world, with no idea of how he came to be where he was. From what he could gather from the, what seemed to be doctors, he had been asleep for many, many years. The world had changed, it had become, less complex, more inhospitable. Life was now a free for all, it was a world Dimitri liked the sound of, it was a world were he could get a second chance.

In the time since he has become a Merc and has earned himself a ruthless reputation throughout the Central London Wastes. Only time will tell if he will be able to change, or if his past life will continue to haunt him...

Notes: Dimitri is not really a good guy as you can tell, this one is very heavily story focused as my player had a very particular idea. Ive changed it a little bit, but Ive also got some fun secrets that may be made evident as the story goes on! Im going to give him delusion as a hindrance, its fitting and may see him lose control in stressful combat situations, this will be a ton of fun to see how the other players will react to him and how he will react to them.

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