Monday, 7 December 2015

''Handsome'' Banan Monroe (Player Character)

A Leader and a Lover

Faction: Wanderer

The words smooth, charming and right bastard have all been used to describe the quick witted and skilled gunslinger, Banan Monroe. Banan has always been a man of many words, words that on occasion have come back to bite him.

Banan's story starts just as any other hapless wastelander. He grew up fast and quickly mastered the art of sharpshooting. His skills would end up earning him a place in a mercenary crew and a fairly successful one at that. Known at the time as the ''Deadeyes'', Banan earned a considerable small fortune for his service. His time in the gang also developed his keen, silver tongue.

This skill came to be a blessing and a curse as it happened, on the one hand, Banan was good with traders, he knew how to get the most value out of any deal, as well as being an inspiring solider. (Plus his good looks god him his nickname, of course to his comrades he was always, ''that puffed up pretty boy'') However it also inflated his ego and Banan would usually become a law onto himself on and between missions. Even though his invaluable skills as a diplomat, the Deadeyes could not have one rogue asset, soon others would follow and it would only be a matter of time before he would incite a revolt against them.

So Banan was, scheduled to be ''let go''. Sufice to say it backfired, horribly. With the decision came a civil war amongst the Deadeyes that nearly destroied them all. The stalemate ended when the two parties decided to part ways and one day they would meet again, settling their score.

Over the next decade Banan led his own small company, whom eventually settled somewhere outside of the Central London Wastes. They became a stable and effective and even wealthy community. A class system was devised, with Banan proclaiming himself a ''Nobleman''. They enjoyied several years of peace and even developed a gentlemanly culture (hence the tux's)

Reguardless, eventually the day came when the Deadeyes showed up at his door, amusingly enough by accident and looking for work. The work they found was yet again a war, but this time Banans forces were decimated and everything he built was destroyed or plundered.

Cheating death himself in the last moments of the siege, Banan now swears vengeance, claiming to one day build another empire greater than the first...

Notes: Banan is funnily enough one of the characters that will fit well into the story and development of the settlement system in Aftershock. He will get bonuses to manage the settlement and will have more knowledge than the other characters. My player wanted him to specifically work only with pistols so we shall see where his fighting ability goes...

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