Saturday, 5 December 2015

The United English Republic

''Rule Britanna!''

Arguably the biggest and most active faction around the central London area, the United English Republic, or simply the UER , started as nothing more than a small community that would set up and operate trade from the ruins of old world Buckingham palace. As time went on the town grew, settlers flocked from both inside and outside the city boarder, hearing tales of the many opportunities of safety and work available at the settlement. Many expansions later the settlement became a bustling hub of trade but was increasing becoming more and more vulnerable. There was a shortage of guards and after a while crimes became much more frequent.

Then in 2291 the settlement was approached by a man whom proclaimed himself to be the ''Lost King of England''. He explained that he were here to first, secure and reclaim his estate and to second reform a new government and bring the chaos of the wasteland to end, once and for all.
The King did not come alone and had in tow a vast military contingent; now known as the First English Defence Force. They perform not only as an army but also a police force and an intelligence gathering office.

Many of the upper echelons of the FEDF are Army and SAS soldiers whom were put into stasis just after the outbreak of the storm. This is why they serve, to share their passion and to spread their message of unity. One day they hop that all can live under one united nation as they did.

Weather it was the gun pointed to their head, or that hope truly was inspire the city council agreed and a declaration was signed, forming the United English Republic.

In the present day the UER is thriving, citizens tend to lead as good a lives as they can in the wasteland, but with every major town there are issues with raiders or petty crime. Meanwhile their military is currently in-between a campaign to secure useful locations around the city. Westminster Fortress and The Vault and are some of those targets already secured. 

None are sure how, but it is rumoured that the republic has special knowledge of pre-storm technology caches. It can be believed too when you see some of the defences their settlements employ. They are known to have access to pre-storm aircraft as well as being known to standard arm their soldiers in Combat Battle Frames and Powered Armour.

The UER are a steadfast people and encompass a diverse selection of people, from merchants, to citizens and military personnel. Over the years their influence has grown and they now operate across a long distance, having bases and settlements outside of London too, some of the most notable are at Oxford and Birmingham. Some would even call it a mini empire of sorts.

They want to reforge society back into what it was, to restore order and to protect those they serve above all else.

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