Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mutation, Radiation and the New field of Bio-Magnetics in Aftershock

The Miscalculation and the Realisation

In Aftershock, the Reshaping (or the Great Storm) did much more than just send humans to live underground. It changed the Earth's atmosphere entirely. We have discussed the where, when and why, now we discuss the consequence. 

When Hive activated the Ark's Charge Core, spiralling arcs of lightning shot toward the earth with incredible speed. Upon entering the atmosphere this lighting discharged and caused a chain reaction on the surface, creating a blanket of continual storms. Aftershock has two different types of storms, the charge (or core) storms, which compromise the unnatural power of the Ark's charge core and the natural storms, which of course, are natural but now appear much more frequently.

So why did the Atmosphere destabilise? When the charged lightning hit the Earth's magnetic field it briefly created a clean hole in the ozone layer. Even though it was mere moments, it was enough time to let huge dose of harmful cosmic radiation though into the atmosphere. When the magnetic field slammed shut it essentially meshed the energy of the core and the cosmic energy together. The three elements then acted with exceptional unpredictability and sparked the Storms. Think of it like a bag filled with volatile gas, you know what happens when a flame is introduced. 

Later the Ark staff would realise that this was their ''miscalculation''. They had not accounted for said elements to combine. More recently they also have been able to observe the cause and effect of the Radiation now caught up in the Earth's atmosphere. The Ark has opened a speciality branch of research and development on this very topic, known now as Bio-magnetics.

When the storms first raged it was deadly above the surface but over time this has dyed down. However it is not that simple and over time it has been discovered that the radiation can and has greatly affected biological matter on the surface. You see, it seemingly mutates or alters cells in almost every animal and changes them dramatically. The anomalies that appear as a result are as equally fascinating as they are terrifying. Not all animals are changed, it is usually those most exposed to the Storms. 

And so, all over the world can be found all manner of weird and wonderful mutants, however we will have more on those later......

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